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The Yavotron is a computerised therapeutic current source with an output range of 0 to 30 mA, with a variety of programmable current forms (14 of them), a presettable timer with a 0 to 99 minutes range, and a thermoprobe. The connection to a patient is constantly being monitored and indicated, output current being automatically switched off if the connection is lost during therapy. Output current is programmable in steps of 0.1 mA, with an increment rate limited to aproximately 0.5 mA/S when a patient is connected. The same rate limit applies also when the last used current is re-applied on a single keystroke (i.e. after restoring a lost connection to the patient or some pause). One minute before the preset therapy time expires, the device begins issuing beep tones. The temperature indicator shows the probe tip temperature in degree Celsius; if no probe is connected, the indicator is blank. The device can be powered by the mains power, its battery pack or a car adaptor cable. The device charges the battery pack automatically when 220 V AC power is present. The Yavotron comes in a compact, robust suitcase with the complete electrode set, 6 cups for frozen solution preparation, a thermoprobe, all necessary cables and a battery pack included.

Cryoelectrophoresis Basic Indications:
- acute and chronic periarthritis of the shoulder joint - prompt resolution of
ectopic calcium deposits;
- spasms of sceletal muscles due to overstrain (overuse);
- organized subcutaneous hematomas;
- condition after joint dislocations and sprains;
- epicondylitis of the humerus (tennis-elbow), tendovaginitis etc.

Applications With Conventional Electrodes:
- galvanization;
- classic drug electrophoresis;
- diadynamic currents treatment;
- amplitude modulated current treatment;
- electrodiagnistics;
- denervated and non-denervated muscles electrostimulation;
- pain intensity assessment by the Vazharov/Vutov method.

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